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Lingostan is not just an online language learning platform, like it may be Duolingo or similar. First of all, it's more a marketplace for indipendent tutors and teachers of all languages, since there are not any apps in the website, but real people who speak with students who wish to practise a language online. Secondly, the website offers a variety of free resources for learning English, for instance the new English grammar section is an example of what we want to show you. Surely nowadays the web offers so many ways to find useful information about everything, and languages are not an exception of course, but how much reliable these information can be? can we really trust something so delicate such as grammar rules and all the misteries of the languages? so, here real teachers provide these texts, real professional and often also TEFL qualified professors write in this section, you can be sure it's now writting by just a common guy in order to make money, but they have a precise scope, and high level one.

learn language online

Currently only the English section is updated regularly, by the British teacher Zak Hall, but we appreciate that in the near future there will be also the Chinese grammar section and maybe even the Spanish one, so students of three of the most important spoken and useful languages will be able to find many much needed rules and examples senteces in order to better understand grammar and how to write in a correct way in their target language.

We think that today it's mandatory to practice languages with native people, since we need something real, genuine, in order to speak like a local when we travel for whatever reasons, but we must not forget that even native people make mistakes, speaking with a native does not guarantee you a good source of correct information, the only thing you can be sure about is learning the correct pronunciation and of course the accent, but regarding all the other factors already mentioned, only a joint work of highly skilled and specialized teachers can bring you quality and reliability.


Advanced Italian Online

So, you’ve mastered basic Italian and now you want to know what to do next, the answer: learn advanced Italian online.

Learning the basics of a language is great and of course necessary to make sure that you can get to the next level. However, it is imperative that you do not stop at the level of basic Italian.

Basic language skills are not the answer to how you are going to find the love of your life in Italy. Basic language skills will not allow you to get a job abroad and you certainly won’t be able to impress people by counting to ten in Italian. You need to build on these skills so that you can express yourself more profoundly in your target language.

You’ve seen Italians on television and maybe even in real life. They speak fast and they expect you to be able to keep up!

What would be impressive is being able to speak Italian as fast as a native can, maybe even coupling that with the hand gestures that you see from emotional Italians.

You want to walk the walk and, quite literally, talk the talk.

It may seem like a huge commitment to keep on studying and learning Italian online. Especially as you probably spent a lot of time and used a lot of energy to get to this point.

The reality of language learning is that the most difficult part is getting started. The rest is easier and a lot more interesting, integrating culture and real-life situations. You will be given the confidence to go up to someone in a bar or at a party and start a conversation. You will be able to use native idioms or tell jokes that make people laugh at the humour you are conveying, rather than your funny accent.

To sum up, keep going, there’s always more to learn.


Online Chinese Class

Chinese is an impressive language to be able to speak. Apart from the practical benefits of adding another language to your skillset, it is amazing to be able to say that you speak Chinese. This is something that many people find extraordinary, particularly in the western world.

Take an Online Chinese class today and start your journey to the orient. This is an unmissable opportunity.

Chinese is a great language to speak when travelling to the East. You will be able to travel to Beijing, Hong Kong and even Singapore, where Chinese is widely spoken.

I lived in Singapore during my youth and I can tell you from experience that one of my regrets is not learning Chinese during my time here. The amount of people that were regularly conversing in Chinese was truly incredible. Of course, Singapore has four official languages and this means four unique and special cultures.

Learning Chinese and travelling to Asian countries in which Chinese is spoken will change your life. You will be able to work abroad, teaching your own language to Chinese people who are keen and willing to learn about your culture. You will instantly be more attractive to big businesses that are looking to expand their operation into new markets or indeed consolidate their existing position. This means that your income will increase along with your living standard will be very high. For the most part, living costs are lower in the east than the west.

So start now, learn a new tongue and become a veritable polyglot opening doors for yourself as you gain new knowledge. Find yourself an online teacher or a tutor for Chinese lessons without leaving your house. Soon enough, you will be speaking like a natural Chinese person through your hard work and dedication.